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WheelBlack,Flat,11 oz, RUST-OLEUM Mfr#: 248928.

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Wheel Paint, Black, Flat Finish, Net Weight 11 oz, Coverage 8 to 10 sq ft, Dry Time 1/2 hr, Dry Time Tack Free 1/4 hr, Application Temperature 50 Degrees to 90 Degrees F, Application Method Aerosol Spray

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Brand Name: RUST-OLEUM
Mfr #: 248928
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Application Method=Aerosol Spray
Color Family=Blacks
Net Weight=11 oz
Coverage=8 to 10 sq ft
Paint and Primer Sub Category=Specialty Spray Paint
Application Temperature=50 Degrees to 90 Degrees F
Dry Time=1/2 hr
Surface=Sand Smooth and Glossy Surfaces
Item=Wheel Paint
Dry Time Recoat=10 min.
Dry Time Tack Free=1/4 hr
Paint Color Family=Blacks
Resin Type=Acrylic
Base Type=Solvent
Coverage Area=10 sq ft
Maximum Application Temperature=90 Degrees F
Paint Dispensing Style=Upright
Minimum Application Temperature=50 Degrees F
Use Location=Exterior
Maximum Temperature Resistance=200 Degrees F
Opacity=0 %
Dry Time to Recoat=10 min
Coating Application=Wheel Paint
Resistance Properties=Corrosion-Resistant, Weather-Resistant
Maximum Dry Film Thickness=2 mil
Surface Texture=Smooth
Shelf Life=5 yr
Series Number=ATO-40
Compatible Surface Material=Metal, Plastic